Individually traceable

Individually traceable

All Vitelco Leather’s products are traceable, from fresh calfskins to our finished calf leather. Our finished calf hides can be traced back all the way to the individual calf. We know exactly where each calfskin comes from: where the calf was born, what it was fed and even in which truck it was transported.

ReVeal quality label

As chain director we control the entire process and we can guarantee quality, origin and a sustainable and animal-friendly approach. We support and control the entire supply chain from the moment the calves arrive at our veal farms.

Having our own slaughterhouse and tannery will enable us to achieve individual traceability. All the information is linked to the unique earmark of each individual calf. A traceable code, corresponding to this earmark, is applied to the fresh calfskin. By scanning this code, all the information of each individual calf and calfskin is immediately available. A transparent process, emphasized by our ReVeal® quality label.

Mediating role

The mediating role of our parent company allows us to add value to all our partners in the supply chain. We can provide support and guidance to veal farms with respect to monitoring the quality of the skins, feed, stall layout, the climate and any treatment the calves require.

Vitelco Leather is also in direct contact with its slaughterhouse. Together we ensure that the skins are sent to the tannery in the best possible condition. This is reflected in the high quality of our calfskin leather products. Because we control the entire supply chain, we know exactly what we can offer you so you can rely on a consistent and continuous supply of top quality calf leather.

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