Finished calf leather

Finished calf leather

Vitelco Leather guarantees gorgeous calf leather of the highest quality. We offer traceability throughout the chain, from the start of the process to the finished leather. We know the exact origin of the skins and we work carefully and sustainably to achieve the best result. We navigate the process together with you, taking into account all possible formulations and adaptations.

To your specifications

Our own tannery can accommodate numerous adaptations and additions and supply the finished calf leather to your specifications. Tell us how you want the calf leather to be prepared for your products and we will discuss the options.

Our guarantees

  • Wide selection

  • Continuous availability

  • Consistent quality

  • Traceability

  • Integrated chain

From our own slaughterhouse

We know exactly where our skins come from. Because we control the entire supply chain, we can guarantee quality, continuity and traceability. We transport the calves from our own veal farms to our slaughterhouse, from where the fresh skins are transferred straight to our tannery.

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