Wet-blue and wet-white

Wet-blue and wet-white

The fresh, unsalted calfskins delivered to our tannery are processed into wet blue or wet white. These skins can be supplied full-substance or split. Tannery run is a good option for our calfskins but other grades are also possible.

Influence over the formulations

The chosen tanning method depends on what you require of the final product. We will be happy to discuss the wide range of formulations and ensure that you get the best calf leather for your products.

From our own slaughterhouse

All our wet blue or wet white calfskins come from our own slaughterhouse. Because we manage the entire supply chain, we not only influence quality and guarantee continuity, we can also guarantee traceability throughout the chain.

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Our guarantees

  • Wide selection

  • Continuous availability

  • Consistent quality

  • Traceability

  • Integrated chain