Let’s make gorgeous products together!

Vitelco Leather is all about gorgeous calf leather 
that can be turned into gorgeous products. Vitelco Leather is 100% calf leather from calves raised on our own veal farms, 100% verifiable and traceable, 100% high quality and always customised.

We offer a wide range of options and formulations which respond to our customers’ wishes. Visitors are more than welcome to come and visit our tannery.

Our guarantees

  • Wide selection

  • Continuous availability

  • Consistent quality

  • Traceability

  • Integrated chain


As supply chain manager, we know exactly where our calfskins come from. Each hide can be traced back all the way to the individual calf. For each hide, Vitelco Leather can even specify the stall in which the calf was housed, what it was fed and in which truck it was transported.

This gives you guarantees about the origin and enables us to further improve welfare conditions and the quality of the skins.

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Sustainable supply chain

We are proud of the consistently high quality provided by Vitelco Leather. By actively controlling the entire supply chain, we can guarantee top-class calf leather.

Our calf leather comes from calves raised on our own veal farms. By transporting and slaughtering the calves ourselves in our slaughterhouse, we can continuously monitor quality at each stage of the process. This guarantees a sustainable process whilst taking the environment and animal welfare into account.

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From our own tannery

All our calf leather and processed calfskins come from our own tannery, so we can offer you absolute guarantees for their quality.

The short distance between our slaughterhouse and our tannery means that we can move quickly between them and therefore bypass the salting and desalting step. This is cost effective and better for the environment.