In our tightly controlled process, the focus is on our customers, suppliers, sustainability and of course the animals.

Vitelco Leather ensures that production is completely transparent and as sustainable as possible. Each hide can be traced back all the way to the individual calf. For each hide, we can trace exactly which veal farm the calf came from, the calf's living conditions, its feed, how it was transported and when and where it was slaughtered.

Our sustainable supply chain

  • Purchasing

  • Veal farm

  • Feed

  • Transport

  • Slaughterhouse

  • Cold store

  • Tannery

  • Sales


A top product starts with the best ingredients. We therefore devote a great deal of care to selecting and purchasing our calves from dairy farms.

Veal farm

Our veal farmers do their utmost to provide good and professional housing (in groups) and take proper care of the animals. Our specialists maintain close contact with the veal farmers, also regarding the care of the skin.


Our specialists also supervise the veal farms with respect to the calves’ nutritional requirements. We provide the animals with good quality feed.


During transport, we focus on animal welfare and on protecting their skin. We therefore ensure that the animals are transported with care and attention.


We have our own professional slaughterhouse dedicated to calves. All our calfskins and calfskin leather products come from calves that we slaughter ourselves in a respectful way. Our employees handle the skins very carefully during the slaughter process.

Cold store

PALI Group has its own cold store facilities where we can immediately store the fresh skins until they are taken to our tannery.


The fresh skins go straight from the cold store to our tannery where they are turned into gorgeous calf leather products or semi-finished products as specified by our customers.


Our sales actually begin at the very start of the supply chain. Once we know which end products you require, we can respond accordingly, from the veal farms to processing in the tannery.